OEM Vintage TOYOTA inspired concept vision : Part # 90999-60420 KEY Sub. ASSY Lock 1973-1990 Land Cruiser anything application



 The Rising Sun Mechanical Skunk-Works Staff hit the ground running here in 2023 , as we continue to pound out the Holiday Tree Day seasons influx of parts orders , we also present for your review concept visionary OEM Vintage TOYOTA inspired part # 90999-00420 KEY , Sub. Assy. Lock . This very special NEW and Exciting addition to 1973-1990 anything Land Cruiser master key options line up currently available just increased by 1 more choice globally … made from solid brass then nickel plated to TOP SHELF standards , the 90999-60420 does not disappoint . It CAN be code SST machine cut or simply hardware store trace style cut …
Thanks for your support ..