SKUNK-WORKS GENUINE Part # 84161-37021 OEM Toyota Genuine Parts Concept Vision SEMA-Vision Updated Late Modle FOG / AUX , Auxiliary Lighting / Lamps / Light Switch & Service Spec. Repair Harness Pigtail assy.



SKUNK-WORKS GENUINE Part # 84161-37021

Concept Vision SEMA Inspired  Updated Late Modle FJ40 / Bj42 :

OEM TOYOTA parts  Auxiliary  Lighting /  Lamps / Light Switch w/ service Spec Connector Pigtail assy.


Much like the SEMA Trade and Vehicle  show and in the same spirit , of artistic creative

potential that Could have been , had TOYOTA updated the 40 Series well

into the mid - late 1980's and Beyond , one badly needed update was the

Dismal  1970's hold-over FOG Lamp Knob LOGO Design ,  Here at

Rising Sun Mechanical we have given some Deep thought into

how to Use ONLY OEM TOYOTA parts currently Available on the

international  market and USA markets as well , and put forward

our Vision Now Currently Available .............


We are The ONLY TOYOTA Genuine Parts Source Globally for the Opportunity

to own , install & use a true  Piece of TEq History in the making !


OEM  Fog AUX Lamp Light Switch w/ service Spec Connector Pigtail assy.


- Comes with Updated Concept Vision Knob

- New Pin Wrench Bolt retainer also

- Comes with a Service Spec. Repair Harness Connector Pigtail

 - For Plug and Play Installation+