the OEM Toyota Japan Spec. CATS Meow 8mm Inside Diameter size spec. Tubing / M6 Bolt Through Hole / size spec. ZINC Plated Stand OFF Bracket for Cable / Tube or wire harness comes with a JIS #4 mark head double SEMS M6 Bolt too FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 FJ80


- The OEM TOYOTA Japan Spec. Parts CATS MEOW  TEq 

- M6 Bolt Hole 

-  8mm ID Inside Diameter size spec. ZINC Plated CATS MEOW 

-  Power Steering High Pressure Line / pressure feed hose use application 

- OEM TOYOTA Genuine JAPAN Spec. Parts Stand OFF Bracket for 8mm Cable 8mm Tube or 8mm Diameter wire harness

- comes with a M8 #4 mark head SEMS Bolt too 

- Rubber dipped clamping portion 


FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 FJ80