OEM 24v & 12v " KUSTOM " KOITO Kit Cool White LED JDM ( NON-USA) TOYOTA OEM Parts Maker H4 Semi Sealed Beam LED Headlights & Sub Harness Kit w/ Factory Instructions Manual FJ40 FJ55 FJ60 BJ70 NOW INCLUDES LED High Beam Indicator Bulb Too !


NOW INCLUDES LED High Beam Indicator Bulb Too !



NOW INCLUDES LED High Beam Indicator Bulb Too !

Our KIOTO KUSTOM LED  Head Lamps Kit covers Both 24v Volts and 12v Volts

We are the first and ONLY KOITO LED kit Kustom makers in the western Hemisphere , we have done the research , prototype phase and concluded ONLY the top of the LINE LED Glass encased water proof shock proof add on KUSTOM bulbs would do , we spare NO experience or spare NO time in hand Crafting Each and every Kit in-house to our vert very Strict Standards that exceeded OEM Toyota in every way


enjoy your KUSTOM KIOTO KIT , we take much pride in this topic , please feel free to feedback photos we can use here to show the world what is possible when you achieve the NO-SAYERS impossible Correctly by the BOOK .

 and apply Toyota Formal Automotive engineering and training to mesh the LED topic in Mechanical Harmony with JAPAN KIOTO Full glass semi sealed beam H4 base kits , like no other ...........

Experience the MAGIC today !

Your Dedicated SKUNK WORKS Staff will always have your back , please remember this always !

sincerely Erin & matt ..............


ALL Toyota Land Cruisers with Round Headlights ..........1962-1987

FJ40 , FJ55 , FJ60  . FJ45 , HJ60 , BJ60  , etc ...........

 This LED KOITO OEM Parts Maker brand NON-USA Headlights Kit is a Really

NICE  Plug & Play Upgrade  for All :

75-79 Corolla , 78-80 Cressida , 79-81 Hilux Pickups BJ7's also 

these are the common 7"  Semi Sealed Beam ALL Glass Lenses w/ H4

the coverage range of Both 24v VOLTS and 12v  VOLTS applies to ALL Land

CRUISERS with Round Head Lights ........

Includes Relays Sub Harness Plug and Play ,

Includes Factory Instructions Manual

These LED BULBS are SUPER BRIGHT , Yet easy on oncoming drivers and traffic

well ...............

The Unique KOITO Light House Lenses  Feature Lines and Grooves cast into the 100% ALL Japanese  Glass to help direct light down and towards the center of the road or OFF Road as well

LED Bulb Specifications :

- Input Power 25W

- Operation Voltage 9-32 VDC

- Luminous Flux 5000LM

- IP Rating IP 67

- Color Temperature 8000K

- LED Lifetime 30,000 Hours

- Operation Temperature  -40'C - + 80'C 


 - note : make sure  these LED KOITO KUSTOM Kit are street legal in your state please 


- Note:  They ARE indeed 100% Steet Legal in my home state on the east coast ...