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12V & 24V KUSTOM KOITo LED H4 Headlight Headlamp Kit JDM ( NON-USA) TOYOTA OEM Parts Semi Sealed Beam Sub , W/ Harness Kit w/ Factory Instructions Manual FJ40 FJ55 FJ60 BJ42 BJ44 BJ70


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Our KIOTo KUSTOM LED  Headlamps Headlights Kit covers Both 24v Volts and 12v Volts Land Cruiser Vehicle Applications ....FYI

We are the first and ONLY Exclusive KOITO LED kit Kustom makers in the western Hemisphere , because this is OUR Exclusive Brand Product we have done the research , prototype phase and concluded ONLY the top of the LINE LED Glass encased water proof shock proof aftermarket  KUSTOM bulbs would do , we spare NO experience or spare NO time in hand Crafting Each and every Kit in-house to our vert very Strict Standards that exceeded OEM Toyota in every way

 Enjoy your KUSTOM KIOTO KIT , we take much pride in this topic , please feel free to feedback photos we can use here to show the world what is possible when you achieve the NO-SAYERS impossible Correctly by the BOOK .

 We apply Toyota Formal Automotive engineering and training to mesh the LED topic in Mechanical Harmony with JAPAN KIOTO Full glass semi sealed beam H4 base kits , like no other ...........

- You MUST preform a post install Factory FSM headlights headlamps Adjustment by the book , this is also common sense as well after ANY new install of any new Handlamps or any headlights per the factory owners manual in your Land Cruiser glove box 

Experience the MAGIC today !

Your Dedicated SKUNK WORKS Staff will always have your back , please remember this always !

sincerely Erin & matt ..............

 ALL Toyota Land Cruisers with Round Headlights ..........1962-1987

FJ40 , FJ55 , FJ60  . FJ45 , HJ60 , BJ60  , etc ...........

 This LED KOITO OEM Parts Maker brand NON-USA Headlights Kit is a Really

NICE  Plug & Play Upgrade  for All :

75-79 Corolla , 78-80 Cressida , 79-81 Hilux Pickups BJ7's also 

these are the common 7"  Semi Sealed Beam ALL Glass Lenses w/ H4

The coverage range of Both 12v VOLTS and 24v  VOLTS applies to ALL Land

CRUISERS with Round Head Lights ........


Includes Relays Sub Harness Plug and Play ,

Includes Factory Instructions Manual

These LED BULBS ARE Easy on oncoming drivers and traffic

well ...............

The Unique KOITO Light House Lenses  Feature Lines and Grooves cast into the 100% ALL Japanese  Glass to help direct light down and towards the center of the road or OFF Road as well

- LED Bulbs Specifications :

- These are the LED Bulbs we install in-house here at the SKUNK-WORKS Laboratory Facility  on-site ...

- Input Power 25W

- Operation Voltage 9-32 VDC

- Luminous Flux 5000LM

- IP Rating IP 67

- Color Temperature 8000K

- LED Lifetime 30,000 Hours

- Operation Temperature  -40'C - + 80'C