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NOS NON-USA FJ62 Replacement RADIO Antenna Assy's KIt WILL Fit USA Spec. just fine 1988-1990


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LONG RANGE AERIAL  RADIO Antenna Assy's install KIt

This WILL Fit a USA Spec. FJ62 just fine

10/87 - 1990

It WILL NOT Fit a USA spec. FJ60 ...........FYI

- READ Below    Please !


- NOTE : This is a NON-USA Long-Range Aerial , for a FJ62 , It WILL for a USA Spec. FJ62 , It WILL NOT Fit a USA spec. FJ60 , make sure you read this TWICE Please !

- We ALSO Offer and Stock the Correct NON-USA FJ60 8/80-9/87  Long Range Aerial Kit , this WILL fit a USA-Spec.  FJ60 

- PLEASE see Our Electrical Section For The Correct FJ60 Variant Antenna Aerial Kit

Thanks for taking the time to Read to TECH Discloser  ......