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FJ60 / FJ62 Combination Switch LIGHTS Turn signals Wipe Wash Hazard 8/80-9/87 FJ60 LHD USA Spec. & 10/87-1/90 FJ62 LHD Usa spec. Part # 84310-60181 / Intercganges 84310-60180 Headlights Headlamps Wiper Washer


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NEW FJ60 / FJ62 Combination Switch Turn signals Wiper Washer Hazard 

-  Fits : 8/80-9/87 FJ60 LHD USA Spec.

- FITS 10/87-1/90  FJ62 LG-PNEA & PNEK  North America Specs. 

- Part # 84310-60181  

- Interchanges  84310-60180

Has been RE-Engineered and given a Modern TOYOTA Feature option , The Mighty  MIST Function instead of the Dreary Outdated Stone Age Intermittent Wiper UP stroke function...........

FYI , otherwise same in kind faithful Reproduction part plug and play NO mods

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