OEM TOYOTA Japan Spec. alloy metal type Tire & Wheel valve stem cap T.P.M.S / TPMS compatible & ALL older Toyota vehicles, These are a metallurgy technology leap into the modern age, yet timeless & classic in appearance BLING !


 - OEM TOYOTA  Japan Spec.  metal alloy metallurgy type

-  Tire & Wheel valve stem cap 

-   Fits all TOYOTA Steel and Aluminum wheel type valve stems 

-  T.P.M.S / TPMS Compatible

- &

- OLDER Vintage TOYOTA Applications Globally ,

- These are a Technology Leap into the Modern Age 

- Yet Timeless & Classic Appearance OEM Factory Toyota JIS BLING has taken-on a whole new TEq thing !  

- Price is for 1 Valve Stem Cap